About Open Floor

Open Floor is a dance meditation and personal development practice for building physical and emotional intelligence, mindfulness and soulfulness. By practicing expressing core movement resources our aim is to become more skilled and flexible in our range of responses to life’s ups and downs and to be more comfortable in our own skin.

Examples of core movement resources includes:

Towards and Away
Activate and Settle
Spatial Awareness
Expand and Contract

We weave different aspects of our common experience as human beingsĀ into our embodied exploration of movement resources . This 4X4 weave includes:

  • Our 4 Dimensions of Embodiment. Our physical body, our emotions; our mind and our soul.
  • Our 4 Relational Hungers. How we relate to solitude; connection with another; belonging to a larger group; and spirit (our relationship to a sense of something larger than ourselves).

Find out more on the Open Floor International website, or check out the Frequently Asked Questions.