Are there dance steps to learn?

No. We explore different ways of dancing/moving, but there are no steps.

What if I’m not a very good dancer?

Open Floor uses dance, movement and some talking as a means of meditation and personal development. It is not a performance. All you have to do to be the perfect Open Floor dancer is turn up.

What should I wear?

Most people dance in bare feet, but soft soled shoes are also fine. Wear whatever clothes you like, but I would recommend clothes that allow you to move freely and layers so that you can regulate your temperature.

What if I’m not fit enough to dance for a whole class?

As there are no steps you can move however is right for your body. I would highly recommend keeping moving in some way to stay engaged with the practice. You might just move a finger or focus your attention on the movement of your chest as you breathe.

Can I talk during a class?

If you need to ask a practical question about the venue or an exercise please do say, but the main focus of a class is to engage through physical embodiment, so please keep talking to a minimum.

Do I just dance by myself?

Practising Open Floor involves exploring our relationship with ourselves and other people. Sessions therefore frequently include exercises dancing with other people. If this is difficult for you to participate in, please contact me before the class to discuss how I might support you.

Is there physical contact?

Dancers sometimes do make physical contact but it is neither compulsory nor an essential part of the practice. Everyone is expected to be mindful of consent. We also recognise that the act of initiating, and the accepting or not accepting of physical contact is a vulnerable place for both people.

Do you have to be religious or spiritual?

Open Floor welcomes people of all religions, spiritual practices and none. We use the term “Spirit” very broadly. It is about having a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves. We sometimes have a visual focal point in the dance space. Some people like to think of it as an altar, others like to think of it as an art installation.

Are there people under the influence of alcohol or other drugs during Open Floor sessions?

No. This is a consious movement practice.

Is drinking water provided?

Tap water is available unless otherwise stated, but you may wish to bring your own water. Please drink plenty of water.

Is this a form of mental health treatment?

No. My Open Floor classes are not a replacement for professional medical help. An Open Floor class is not necessarily the right place for everyone. You are welcome to contact me to discuss whether it’s the right time and place for you.

Can I bring my children?

The classes I am offering are not suitable for children, as they are adult personal development and meditation classes.